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Hack Upstate Fall 2015

Hack Upstate Fall 2015

I had the pleasure of participating in this years Hack Upstate event in Syracuse, NY. It was held at The Tech Garden, and Organized by Doug Crescenzi and Mitchell Patterson. (My appologies if I missed anyone) This event was a wonderful opportunity to meet incredibly friendly and talented people in the technology industry, and as well as those outside of it.

The project that I participated in specifically, aimed to create a packagable open source Library CMS that would be easy to use and manage for library staff with low technology proficiency. We decided to go with Drupal, and hunt down contrib modules that would work well together to provide a good experience. Unfortunately, due to the short amount of time we were only able to get a functional prototype working. It was ugly, but it helped to give the audience an idea of where we were going with the idea.

I would like to give credit and thanks to Matthew Kopel, Zoe Kouroulis, and Brent Sears for their contributions and work on this project. We have discussed the possibility of continuing with the project and seeing it to completion. If you have any ideas, or can contribute towards providing aid to your local library or even CLRC specifically, please send me an email so that I can connect you with someone who may be able to help you.

I cannot stress enough the importance in helping to repair and revitalize our ailing public library system. 

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